How Do Cats Pick Their Favorite Owner?

Cats are mysterious creatures, and one of the most common questions asked by cat owners is “How do cats pick their favorite owner?”. It’s a difficult question to answer, but there are some key behaviors that cats display when they have chosen a favorite person. In this article, we will explore how cats pick their favorite owner and what it means for the relationship between cats and their owners.

Cat Behavior

Cats are complex creatures with their own unique behaviors and mannerisms. Understanding how cats communicate and interact with each other can help us better understand how cats pick their favorite owner.

Understanding Cat Body Language

Cats use body language to communicate with other cats and humans. Here are some common cat body language cues to look out for:

Observing Cat Interactions

Observing how cats interact with each other can provide insight into how cats pick their favorite owner. Cats may show signs of affection such as grooming, rubbing, and purring when they are around their favorite person. Cats may also display signs of aggression such as hissing, swatting, and growling when they feel threatened by another person or animal. Paying close attention to these behaviors can help you determine who your cat’s favorite person is.

Human Behavior

Cats are highly sensitive to human behavior and can easily pick up on their owner’s emotions. This is why cats often become so attached to their owners, as they are able to form strong bonds with them. Cats also have a keen sense of smell, which helps them identify their favorite person.

Showing Affection

Cats show affection in many ways, such as purring, rubbing against their owners, and even kneading them with their paws. They may also bring gifts such as dead mice or birds to show they care. Additionally, cats may groom themselves or other cats in the household to show affection.

Responding to Cat Needs

Owners who respond positively to a cat’s needs are more likely to be favored by the cat. This includes providing food and water on a regular basis, cleaning the litter box regularly, and providing plenty of playtime and cuddles. Additionally, cats appreciate when their owners take the time to brush them or give them treats. By responding positively to a cat’s needs, an owner can create a strong bond with their pet that will last for years.

Bonding Time

Cats are known to be independent creatures, but they still need attention and love from their owners. Bonding with your cat is an essential part of building a strong relationship. Here are some ways to bond with your cat:

Playing Together

Playing together is a great way to bond with your cat. Cats love to play and it’s a great way for them to get exercise. Try playing games like fetch or hide-and-seek. You can also buy toys specifically designed for cats, such as laser pointers or interactive toys.

Spending Quality Time Together

Spending quality time together is another great way to bond with your cat. This could include cuddling on the couch, brushing their fur, or simply talking to them. Cats also enjoy being petted and scratched behind the ears, so make sure you give them lots of love and attention. Additionally, cats can pick up on their owner’s emotions, so it’s important that you remain calm and relaxed when spending time with them.

By engaging in these activities regularly, you can build a strong bond with your cat that will help them pick you as their favorite owner!


Environment and Routine

Cats are creatures of habit and they thrive in a stable home environment with a consistent routine. Establishing both of these can help cats feel secure, which can lead to them developing a strong bond with their favorite owner.

Creating a Stable Home Environment

Creating a stable home environment for cats involves:

Establishing a Consistent Routine

Having a consistent routine helps cats feel secure and can help them form strong bonds with their owners. This routine should include:

Signs of Favoritism

Cats are known to be independent and aloof, but they can also be quite affectionate and loyal to their owners. It is possible for cats to pick a favorite owner, and there are certain signs that can indicate which one they prefer.

Noticing Changes in Behavior

When a cat has chosen a favorite owner, it will often display different behaviors towards them than it does with other people. Some of the signs of favoritism that you may notice include:

  • Spending more time around the preferred person
  • Being more vocal when around the preferred person
  • Showing more affection towards the preferred person
  • Bringing gifts such as toys or dead animals to the preferred person

Identifying Special Treatment

In addition to changes in behavior, cats may also show favoritism by giving their preferred owner special treatment. This could include things like:


Cats are complex creatures and it can be difficult to understand how they choose their favorite owner. However, by understanding the behaviors cats display when they have chosen a favorite person, we can gain insight into the relationship between cats and their owners. Cats may show signs of affection such as purring, kneading, and following their owners around. Additionally, cats may also show signs of aggression such as hissing or swatting when they feel threatened or uncomfortable. Ultimately, cats pick their favorite owner based on trust and comfort levels. To learn more about how to build a strong bond with your cat, visit A Pet’s Home.

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