How Do Cats Say Hello?

Cats are mysterious creatures, often leaving us wondering how they communicate with us. One of the most common questions asked is “How do cats say hello?” The answer may surprise you! Cats have a variety of ways to say hello, from vocalizations to body language. In this article, we will explore the different ways cats say hello and how you can interpret their behavior.

Understanding Cat Body Language

When trying to understand how cats say hello, it is important to understand their body language. Cats use a variety of physical cues to communicate with us and other cats. By understanding these cues, we can learn how cats say hello and interpret their behavior.


Cats use their ears to communicate with us and other cats. When a cat’s ears are forward, it typically means they are alert and curious. If the ears are laid back and flat against the head, this usually indicates that the cat is feeling threatened or scared.


The tail is another important indicator of a cat’s mood. A relaxed cat will have a tail that is held up in an arch or curved shape. If the tail is held low or tucked between the legs, this usually means the cat is feeling scared or threatened. A happy cat may also swish its tail from side to side as a sign of contentment.


Cats also communicate through their posture. A relaxed cat will have an upright posture with its head held high and its eyes open wide. On the other hand, if a cat has hunched shoulders and its head is lowered, this usually indicates fear or aggression.

By understanding these body language cues, we can better understand how cats say hello and interpret their behavior more accurately.


Cats use vocalizations to communicate with one another and with humans. They can express a variety of emotions and feelings through their meows, purrs, chirps, and trills.


Purring is one of the most common ways cats say hello. It is a low-pitched sound that cats make when they are content or feeling safe. It is often accompanied by kneading or rubbing against an object or person.


Meowing is another way cats say hello. Cats meow to get attention from humans or other cats, to express hunger, or to show excitement. The pitch of the meow can vary depending on the emotion behind it.

Chirping and Trilling

Chirping and trilling are two other vocalizations cats use to communicate with humans and other cats. Chirping is a short, high-pitched sound while trilling is a longer sound that resembles a combination of meowing and purring. Cats often use these sounds when they are excited or happy to see someone they know.

Grooming as a Greeting

Cats are very particular about their grooming habits and they use it as a way to say hello. When cats greet each other, they often perform a few different behaviors that involve grooming.


Allogrooming is when cats groom one another. This behavior is most often seen between two cats that are familiar with each other, such as two cats that live in the same house or two cats that have been friends for a long time. Allogrooming is a sign of friendship and trust between cats.

Head Bunting

Head bunting is when one cat rubs their head against another cat or person. This behavior is usually seen when one cat is trying to greet another or show affection. It can also be used as a way to mark the other cat with their scent, which is why it’s often seen between cats that are familiar with each other.

Rubbing Against You

Rubbing against you is another way cats say hello. Cats will rub against your legs or body in order to mark you with their scent and show affection. This behavior can also be seen when one cat greets another, but it’s more common between cats and humans because humans don’t have fur for the cat to rub against.


Playful Greetings

Cats are known for being independent and aloof, but they still have a way of saying hello. When cats greet each other, they often do so in a playful manner. Here are some of the ways cats say hello:

Pouncing and Jumping

Cats love to pounce and jump when they greet each other. They may jump up onto furniture or even their owners to show their excitement. This is a sign of affection and can be seen as a cat’s way of saying hello.

Bringing Gifts

Cats may also bring gifts as a way of greeting each other. This could be anything from a dead mouse to a toy or even just a piece of string. This is their way of showing that they care about the other cat and want to make them happy.

Playing with Toys

Cats also like to play with toys when greeting each other. They may bat around a ball or chase after a feather toy together. This is another sign of affection and can be seen as cats’ way of saying hello in their own unique way.

Other Ways Cats Say Hello

Cats have a variety of ways to say hello and show their affection. In addition to purring, rubbing, and meowing, cats also use body language to communicate with their owners.

Following You Around

Cats often follow their owners around the house as a way of saying hello. This is a sign of affection and trust that your cat has for you. Additionally, cats may rub against your legs or jump up on your lap as another way of greeting you.

Sitting Nearby

Cats may also sit near their owners as a way of saying hello. This is especially true when they are in an unfamiliar environment or if they are feeling anxious or scared. Sitting nearby is a sign that your cat feels safe and secure with you and wants to be close by.


Cats are complex creatures, and their communication can be difficult to interpret. However, understanding how cats say hello can help us build a stronger bond with our feline friends. Cats use vocalizations, body language, and even scent to communicate with us. By paying attention to these cues, we can learn how cats say hello and respond in kind. For more information on cats and their behavior, visit A Pet’s Home.

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