Why Do Cats Prefer Female Owners?

Cats have long been known to prefer female owners over male owners, but why is this the case? In this article, “Why do cats prefer female owners?”, we will explore the reasons why cats may be drawn to female companionship more than male. We will look at the biological and behavioral factors that could be influencing this preference and how it can affect the relationship between cats and their owners.

Biological Factors

Cats are naturally drawn to female owners due to their biological make-up. This includes hormones and scent.


Cats are sensitive to the hormones that humans produce, particularly those produced by females. According to a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, cats can detect and respond to human pheromones, which can influence their behavior and emotions. Female pheromones are particularly attractive to cats, as they can make them feel safe and secure in their environment.


Cats also have an incredibly keen sense of smell, which allows them to detect subtle scents that humans may not be able to recognize. Female owners tend to have a more subtle scent than male owners, which cats find more appealing and comforting. Additionally, female owners often use products such as perfumes or lotions that contain fragrances that cats find attractive and calming.

Behavioral Factors

Cats are known to be independent creatures, but they still need love and attention from their owners. Female owners tend to be more nurturing and affectionate than male owners, which is why cats often prefer female owners.

Affectionate Nature

Female owners are naturally more affectionate than male owners, which cats respond positively to. Female owners tend to give cats more cuddles and petting, which cats enjoy immensely. Additionally, female owners are more likely to talk in a soothing voice with their cats, which helps create a bond between the two.

Patience and Understanding

Female owners are also known for being patient and understanding when it comes to their cats. They understand that cats need time alone and respect their boundaries. Female owners also take the time to understand their cat’s individual needs and behaviors, which helps create a strong bond between the two.


Cats are social animals and prefer to be around people they are familiar with. Female owners tend to have an easier time forming a bond with cats because of their nurturing nature.

Early Exposure to Cats

The earlier a cat is exposed to humans, the more likely they are to form a strong bond with them. Female owners have an advantage in this regard as they often have more experience handling cats and kittens, which helps them become more comfortable around them. Additionally, female owners may be less intimidating to cats than male owners due to their softer voices and gentler mannerisms.

Familiarity with Cats

Female owners also tend to be more familiar with the needs of cats, such as providing food, water, and clean litter boxes. This familiarity can help cats feel secure in their environment and build trust with their owner. Additionally, female owners may be better at understanding the body language of cats which can help them better understand their needs and preferences.


Environment and Caretaking

Cats are creatures of habit and prefer a comfortable and safe home environment. Female owners tend to provide a higher quality of caretaking, which is why cats prefer them over male owners.

Comfort and Safety of Home Environment

Cats need a safe and comfortable home environment in order to feel secure. Female owners are more likely to provide this type of environment, as they are typically more nurturing than their male counterparts. This includes:

  • Creating a calm atmosphere with minimal noise
  • Providing plenty of places for cats to hide or relax
  • Maintaining clean litter boxes
  • Ensuring the cat has access to fresh food and water at all times
  • Regular veterinary checkups

Quality of Caretaking Provided by Female Owners

Female owners are often seen as more nurturing than male owners, which is why cats tend to prefer them. They provide a higher quality of caretaking, which includes:

Cat’s Preference for Female Owners

Cats have been known to show a preference for female owners over male owners. This gender-based preference in cats has been observed in studies and anecdotally by pet owners. While the reasons behind this preference are not fully understood, there are a few potential explanations that could explain why cats prefer female owners.

Gender-Based Preference in Cats

Studies have found that cats tend to show a preference for female owners over male owners. This gender-based preference is seen in both domestic and feral cats, suggesting it is an innate trait rather than one learned through experience or environment.

Reasons for Cat’s Preference for Female Owners

The reasons behind why cats prefer female owners are not fully understood, however there are a few potential explanations:

  • Female voices may be more soothing to cats than male voices.
  • Women may be more likely to provide positive reinforcement and rewards.
  • Women may be more likely to provide adequate care and attention.
  • Cats may recognize pheromones, which can differ between males and females.


It is clear that cats have a preference for female owners, and this preference is likely due to a combination of biological and behavioral factors. Cats may be drawn to the softer voices and gentler touch of female owners, as well as the higher levels of oxytocin that women tend to produce. Ultimately, cats are individuals with their own personalities, so it is important to remember that each cat may have different preferences when it comes to their owners. If you are looking for more information on how to build a strong bond with your cat, check out A Pet’s Home for tips and advice.

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